Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Moron The Same

Lean Left has a good post up on the mendaciousness, the bumbling and the outright stupidity of presidential candidate Mike Huckabee (now soaring in the polls, thanks mainly to his personal relationship with Baby Jesus). Seems the guy has trouble with the truth, trouble with facts and trouble with science... much like a certain White House occupant who shall remain nameless (though certainly not blameless). Which brings me to my larger point... what is it about the current crop of Republican candidates? They all seem to want to out-Bush Bush, whether it's in the torture-condoning or the saber-rattling or the theocracy-embracing or just the pure dumb-assedness of the man. Isn't this the president who is barely keeping his head above that 30% approval rate? The one that most people in America think is incompetent, malevolent and not at all trustworthy? I would think anyone trying to succeed him in office would be running as far away from his record and governing style as possible -- and yet, here's McCain, saying we need to step up and continue the Iraq War, here's Romney, saying he wants to expand Guantanamo, here's Giuliani, saying... jeez, pretty much everything he says, which is just so goddamned scary I don't even want to think about the possibility of him occupying that office. Does anyone out there -- with the exception of that brain-dead, authoritarian-worshipping 30% that still backs Bush -- want another W in the White House?

And if so -- why?!?
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