Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Feeling Woozy

I want to point your attention to an amazing post from my good friend... well, they call him Fishstick, among other epithets -- who has a very cogent piece up about the current government practice of fucking drugging people who may or may not be illegal aliens into insensibility before shipping them off to be dropped unceremoniously somewhere in the world outside the American border to fend for themselves... at best. This link from Yahoo News, included in Fishstick's post, just makes it that much more legitimate -- and at the same time, more chilling.

I mean, think about it -- the US government, at this point in time, with no bones made about it, no plausible deniability, not even a mostly-transparent, manufactured fig-leaf of cover other than a shrug and a Dick Cheney side-of-the-mouth growl of "So fucking what?", drugs people against their will; uses "extraordinary rendition;" tortures. Tortures. They invade and occupy sovereign nations that have not attacked us and posed no threat to us with no provocation, and threaten to do so again. They spy on their own citizens illegally. They ignore the rule of law and the will of Congress and the people. What's left? What ever happened to the country I grew up in, the one I used to think of as "the land of the free"? Where did it go, and who took it away? Dick Cheney? George Bush? Halliburton? ExxonMobil? All of the above and more?

I honestly don't know.
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