Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Proud In San Francisco

Yesterday as I drove home past the Civic Center in San Francisco, I couldn't help but notice that there was a whole lot of commotion there, with television trucks and fire engines and police and all sorts of people milling about City Hall in different groups. Of course it was Opening Day for marriage equality in California, and SF is the very frontest of the front lines on that skirmish. Once again, I was filled with pride at the people of my city and the long struggle for equal rights that they -- we -- have been engaged in all these years and are now, by any measurable gauge, winning.

One thing I noticed that marred the occasion a bit, though, was a huge banner being held up by two people right across the street from the City Hall steps. It read "Re-criminalize Sodomy." Rather than getting upset by that, I just thought about how nakedly it exposes the dearth of substance behind the argument against allowing committed couples of whatever gender to enter into a marriage contract. Really, all these people have left is an appeal to divisive bigotry, hatred and ignorance. What it comes down to, at least for the folks who rallied behind that banner, is that they just don't like other people performing certain sexual acts of which they don't approve. How in the world what other people do behind closed doors affects them and their lives, I have no idea. But they felt strongly enough about it to gather at City Hall yesterday (and many of them are probably there again today, and will continue to be there into the foreseeable future) simply to try and throw dirt on what was and will continue to be a series of joyous, historic moments.

"Re-criminalize Sodomy." How sad. Sad and pathetic and mean-spirited and morally and intellectually bereft of anything worthwhile or meaningful. Just as our society is doing metaphorically, I simply sighed and continued moving on past the small -- and small-minded -- crowd of protesters, leaving them and their ignorance in history's dust. Forget those idiots; yesterday and today and every day forward on which people who love each other can be legally married are good, good days, days to be celebrated forever.

(If you'd like to sign an online petition supporting marriage equality, go here. h/t to my bro M Otis for the link.)
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