Monday, February 02, 2009

A Very Cool Thing

So here's something very cool -- at least *I* think it is -- some of my photographs are printed up in large format and are on display (and for sale!) at a copy shop in Boston. Here's the scoop: As many of you already know, I've been participating in a group photoblog, called Pixels at an Exhibition, for the past couple months with my pals Tom Hilton and ahab (Michael Daley). A woman named Donna who follows that site enjoys our photographs very much. She works at a place called Copy Cop in Copley Square, a high-traffic area near the Old First Church, and when they got some new large-scale printers, she thought it might be fun to print up some of the pictures she had enjoyed on our site. We, of course, were flattered and excited to have our work printed up and displayed, so we agreed. Her manager and the store owner liked the idea as well, and suggested that these large prints be put up for a period of approximately three months, with proper accreditation and a link back to our site. And a price tag! I have no idea if anyone in Boston will decide that one of our pictures is worth spending some of their hard-earned cash on, but even if none of them sell, I'm not out anything, and I still have the satisfaction of knowing that a lot more people have seen my work than would have otherwise. And if one or more gets sold... bonus!

Major props and thanks to the lovely and talented Donna!

Here's what it looks like at Copy Cop; if any of you reading this find yourselves in the Boston area in the next few months and are able to swing by and take a look, I'd love to hear from you about your impression of the photos in person.

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