Friday, April 15, 2005

10 from the iPod

In lieu of a real post today, I'm going to jump (belatedly) on the First 10 Random Songs That Came Up On Your iPod bandwagon that's been, um, sweeping the blogosphere lately. Took my after-lunch walk along the bay this afternoon, and here are the first ten songs that queued up:

1. Down Don't Bother Me -- Albert King
2. Living Loving Maid -- Led Zeppelin
3. I've Got You Under My Skin -- Frank Sinatra
4. Come to Realize -- Ron Wood
5. You're All I Need (to Get By) -- Aretha Franklin
6. Heavy Connection -- Van Morrison
7. Mind Your Own Business -- Taj Mahal
8. Buona Sera Signorina -- Louis Prima
9. Let's Say Goodnight -- Los Lobos
10. I'm Blue -- The Ikettes

If I had more time right now, I'd tell you all a story about each and every one of these songs -- especially the Led Zeppelin tune, which will always remind me of falling in love with Lissa Cenoz when I was 15 years old (still haven't quite extinguished that torch yet) -- but I don't, I have to places to see and people to do. Too hip, gotta go, catch all y'all on the flip side, Chester and Chestette. Seizure!
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