Friday, September 23, 2005

The Media Catches Up

It would appear that some in the media (also here) are just now learning about the Iraq War Porn site that we commented on a few weeks ago. Despite what some people may say about this just being a "boys will be boys" kind of site, we still maintain that it is illustrative in the most graphic, stomach-turning way of just what war does to people; and, more specifically, just what Preznit Jack and Coke's illegal, ham-fisted invasion of Iraq has wrought.

Not that your friend and host Generik has any illusions about being an actual journalist, mind you (we gave those dreams up back in high school), but it does seem a bit strange that the information about this site is only now getting out to the so-called mainstream press.

This is why it pays to check out your favorite blogs on a regular basis and not rely solely on the Fourth Estate to bring you information about the world around you. Because, as our pal Victor Shystee once said, "What if you're a journalist and you're full of shit?"
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