Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Calling Bullshit

Yesterday the man who apparently runs our government made a speech in which he once again asserted that the war in Iraq is based on the 9/11 attacks. The vice-president has been attempting to make this connection between Saddam Hussein's government and al Qaeda since approximately September 12th, 2001, and has been unfortunately successful at it in some quarters. Even though every investigation and committee looking into this alleged connection has found absolutely no link, he continues to make the claim. The question now, it seems to me, is not why he keeps saying this -- he's obviously delusional, and/or adept at the Big Lie strategy -- the question is why any sane, serious person or news organization takes his bloviating seriously. The man is a fabulist, a prevaricator, a mendacious, disingenuous liar of the first order. Why can't the mainstream news -- excluding the Fox Noise channel, of course -- just come right out and say this?

"Mr. Cheney, you're so full of shit you should have brown eyes and grass growing out of your head."

There. Was that so hard?
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