Thursday, August 30, 2007

Investigate Away... And Good Luck

Despite his resignation, and the desire on the part of the White House and its supporters to make all the bad things people have said about Li'l Abu Gonzales just go away, it appears that the Department of Justice is bound and determined to continue an investigation into whether or not he perjured himself before Congress over the past few months. (Here's a hint: Fuck yes, he did, repeatedly. *ahem*)

That's all well and good, and, if it weren't for the dismal track record of similar investigations ever since George Bush started wiping his ass with the Constitution took office, I might be encouraged that justice might someday be done. But is there anyone out there who seriously believes that anything will come of it --or, that if something does come of it, and that the serial liar and torture-enabler actually is found guilty of perjury, that the ink on Gonzo's pardon isn't already dry?
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