Monday, August 27, 2007

You Go, Alberto! ...And Take Dick And George With You!

So Little Abu Gonzales has finally come to his senses and realized that "more time with his family" -- as opposed to "more time being investigated by Congress" -- is what he really needs in the near future, and says he'll do the right thing by stepping down as Bush's personal shill in the DOJ US Attorney General. Hooray. Couldn't happen to a more deserving (read: lying and incompetent) tool. It should have happened months ago; for that matter, he never should have been nominated or confirmed in the first place.

So now what? Speculation is already rampant that he will be replaced by Homeland Security head honcho Skeletor Michael Chertoff, or probably someone equally as distasteful and unqualified. Because if there's one thing this administration is known for, it's putting ass-kissing cronies and people who just aren't up to the job in positions of power. Starting at the top.

Buh-bye, Little Abu, hope someone gives you a parting gift of a big bottle of gingko biloba to help with that faulty memory of yours. You goddamned little weasel.
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