Friday, January 11, 2008

Find A Place For These Answers

This was the first time I've repeated a theme, simply because there are so many songs out there with place-names in the title that I had lots of them left over after the first one. I could probably do a quiz listing all bands with place names, but a lot of those bands are ones I don't particularly care for (Kansas, Boston, Chicago, for instance). Anyway, good show for those who participated, except for that young whippersnapper Rey Fox, who had the temerity to point out that almost all of the songs on the list are old, and so am I. Crap. Well, now my secret's out. Thanks, Rey. Too bad you didn't recognize the Modest Mouse song, buddy.

Okay, so where are my glasses? What did I come in here for? How long has that turn signal been on, consarn it? ...I mean, here are the answers:

1. Any news was good news, and the feeling was bad at home. I was out of mind and you were on the phone. The Boston Rag; Steely Dan

2. The Mississippi Delta was shining like a National guitar... Graceland; Paul Simon

3. Outside my window not long before sleep arrives, they come with their sirens and they sweep away all the boys. London's Brilliant Parade; Elvis Costello

4. Although we often wondered, it was no thing of wonder, the shit that flew from our minds... Florida; Modest Mouse

5. Tin soldiers and Nixon coming, we're finally on our own. Ohio; Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

6. Sometimes I wanna leave here, sometimes I wanna go right back where I came from, back where I belong. Century City; Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

7. Wake up momma, turn your lamp down low; wake up momma, turn your lamp down low... Statesboro Blues; Allman Brothers (This was actually written and first recorded by Blind Willie McTell, but it's the Allman Brothers version that I'm most familiar with, as I assume most others who know the song are as well)

8. So your brother's bound and gagged, and they've chained him to a chair... Chicago; Graham Nash (also performed by CSN&Y on the live album Four Way Street, as pointed out by mrgumby2u)

9. I am an old woman, named after my mother, my old man is another child that's grown old. Angel From Montgomery; John Prine

10. I thought I would go to the sea and shrink down very tiny, and slide inside the telephone wire that runs under the briny. Crawling To The USA; Elvis Costello

**Bonus** I ain't stoppin', fingers keep boppin', swing band rockin' from the street to the bar. West Coast's dated, music's overrated, hear it on the radio in every car. The Heat In Harlem; Graham Parker & The Rumour

Back next Tuesday with another, non-repeat quiz.
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