Friday, January 04, 2008

Post-Caucus Laughs

Hilarious aftermath over on the wingnut side of the political spectrum now that the Huckster has become the momentary front-runner in the race to see Who Gets A New One Torn For Him By The Democrats in November. Here are just two of the delightfully funny responses to the Iowa results:

Right-wing comedienne tool Tammy Bruce opines thusly:
Iowa Leaves GOP In Disarray

Uh, the GOP was in disarray before Iowa, illustrated by the Summer of Shamnesty and GWB being more concerned with Mexico's well-being than with ours. Considering Republicanism died in the 2006 election, and the "party leader" George W. Bush is a liberal who ended up turning Reagan Conservatism on its ear, we shouldn't be so surprised the GOP is confused after Iowa. We, the People, have been confused by them for years. If they actually had some sort of leadership, didn't have such contempt for the people, and weren't more concerned with Saudi Arabia's profits than our homeland security and sovereignty, maybe they'd have their act together.

Part of my support for Giuliani is based in the fact that he's not from the Washington establishment and could represent a return to the Reagan Coalition. Huckabee, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of what Reagan stood for, and is an embarrassment to the legacy of President Reagan.

George W. Bush is "a liberal"? Hang on, I'm laughing too hard right now to continue... oh, man... *wiping away tears* Okay, I'm better now... I think...

And then Tired Fred Thompson supporter Jay at Stop The ACLU laments about the stupidity of Iowans:
Huckabee Proved Right: Lots Of Stupid Iowans

So Huckabee wins. I asked the question when Huckabee did his Clintonesque move of pulling negative ads while getting them played for free, "does he think Iowans are stupid enough to fall for it?" Obviously plenty of them were. Maybe they went with the safe bet of knowing he was solid on issues like abortion. After all, who knows where Mitt really stands? Anyway…now I'm waiting up to see where my man Fred ends up standing. I think he did well, but will find out soon. FOX is completely ignoring how well he has done. They skip over him to purr about McLame who is in fourth, slightly behind Fred at the moment. Allahpundit asks the question…what about Fred? He is either gonna get third or fourth, and either way its gonna be close. But either way he will stay in. But now, more than ever, he has gotta sell it.

I'm not worried about Huckabee though. Just because enough Iowans don't listen to the wisdom of Rush Limbaugh…most Americans do.

Oh, but for the post Caucus spin…Iowa doesn't really matter anyway. Three out of the last four times they've picked a loser. The Anchoress is on the same page:

It’s baloney. It’s hype. Iowa doesn’t mean anything, and I’m not convinced it ever has, but it’s been a very long (too long) election season and we’ve got 11 months to go, so Iowa has been pimped and played up as the be-all-and-end all - the staggeringly important end to the beginning of election ‘08.

But previous presidents have lost in Iowa, and previous Iowa winners have seen the national ticket elude them, so let’s not overthink Iowa or lose perspective. Iowa is fun-n-games for political junkies and an amusing diversion in the months when fields lie resting - but I am not convinced it “means” much at all.

Oh and for all the hype FOX is giving for McCain momentum in NH. New Hampshire is meaningless too.

The "wisdom of Rush Limbaugh"? Stop it, my sides are hurting! But wait, there's more... in the comments to Jay's post is this little gem from a reader identifying herself as "Jeanie" (emphasis mine):

Huckabee and Obama proves (sic) how utterly stupid Iowans are. Oh well, thanks for freeing up my time.

That's it for me, I'm not spending another moment of my time watching people think voting for a muslin (sic) is worth their vote and America's future or and another Jimmy Carter, which all Huckabee is is worth wasting ones time on.

Ted Turner is right, American's (sic) are the stupiest (sic) people in the world.

Yeah, Jeanie, and stupi is as stupi does. Or maybe that should be "as stupi doe's."

Republicans in disarray. Does it get any better than that?
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