Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I Must Be Stupid

Okay, all snark and sarcasm aside, I have a real, legitimate question: The president has twice now (at least twice; probably more, but certainly twice that I can remember) admitted to having committed crimes while in office. He has quite literally broken the law, once in regard to wiretapping American citizens without a requisite warrant, and once in authorizing torture on military detainees and others suspected of "terrorism." He has candidly said that he did these things, and that he would do them again. Why, then, is there not even a public conversation about possible consequences for his crimes? Why is he allowed to blatantly break the law without being held accountable? Why is there no outrage on the part of the media or members of Congress, no demands for investigation or talk of impeachment?

Seriously, I'd like to know how he continues to get away with being the country's biggest goddamn criminal without ever having to worry about paying for his crimes. Can someone enlighten me? Because truly, I am mystified.
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