Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Voter ID: Turning The Tables

So Diana Ross & the Supremes have ruled in favor of states requiring ID to vote, succumbing to a phony, ginned-up GOP complaint of widespread "voter fraud" throughout the nation, which is really just another Republican ploy to disenfranchise voters who tend to skew Democratic. However, there appears to be an upside to this -- frequent contributor aimai at If I Ran the Zoo has what I think is a brilliant idea about how to turn this into a positive for progressives.

The problem with voter registration as it is usually done is that its all rather loose. You set up a stand and get people to register but you often don't really connect with the voter, get their address, or serve as a conduit for them to other services they need. We should take a leaf out of the old Party Machine and score a propaganda coup by going into poor, minority, or elderly housing and explaining to them that the Republicans want to prevent them from voting. Every registered Dem should get a call informing them that Republicans may try to steal their vote by challenging their identity when they vote. We should ask as many voters as possible if they have extra forms of ID? If they don't, as a party we should try to help people get ID. It could be a really solidarity creating moment. I'd about ten times rather get a call from the Dem. party offering to help me vote than Iwould getting a call from an individual party trying to ascertain whether I'm a 1,2 or 3 for their candidate.

Makes sense to me.
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