Sunday, June 01, 2008

So Late Sunday It's Almost Monday Random Flickr Blogging

Melanie's overhand bowling style, while extremely unconventional, was nonetheless very, very effective. Also scary as hell to the other league members.
o/` Forrrrk in the water... a quartet standing by... forrrrrrk in the water... (voop-voop-voop, voop-voop-voop-voop, voop-voop-voop, voop-voooooo...) o/`
Talk to the foot... 'cause the rest of the body is insolent, rebellious, unresponsive and very, very, very stoned.
Meanwhile, on the male side of my family tree...
"So, Ernie... you ever dress up in sheep's clothing?"
*sigh* "Well... yeah. Yeah, I have. But just once."
*snicker* "Huh. I thought so."
"It was Fritz that told you, wasn't it? I knew he could never keep his trap shut."
"Forget it, Ernie. We all make mistakes."
"Yeah, but I-"
"We'll never speak of this again, Ernie. Never."

(Original images, #2790, posted here, here, here, here, here and here. Flickr Blogging of the Random persuasion explained by Tom Hilton here.)
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