Sunday, June 22, 2008


My dad sent me a link to this site, which I had never seen before, and I liked it so much I'm passing along the twisted consumer goodness and snark to you, my gentle readers. The site is called Woot: One Day, One Deal, and the gist of it is that every day there's a new product being advertised for sale. Which, by itself, would not interest me much at all. What sets it apart is the ad copy, which is often very, very funny and clever.

Here's my dad's take on it:

They sell one item only each day. When it's gone you have to wait until the next day before you see what new item they are selling. It's always a good price, and each day the item is different.

Sometimes they have a woot-off and change the item about every ten minutes, and sometimes they have mystery bags of stuff. You pay $5.00 for a bag and wait to see what you get. My friend John says his son's friend got a flat-screen screen tv. No, it didn't fit in the bag, but there was a redeemable certificate in there.

Anyway, it isn't about the stuff - I find the ad-writer's prose to be laugh-out-loud material.

Plus, there are lots of other features there if you explore a bit, like this particular bit of what they call Flickr Roulette. And given how much I enjoy and shill for Flickr these days, I figured I had to include this link as well.
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