Friday, July 25, 2008

Can't Be Real

I followed a link from If I Ran The Zoo to this bizarre comment thread on a so-called PUMA site where the former (and in many cases, current) Hillary Clinton supporters who have now thrown in with Grampy McSame are discussing the merits of the McCain campaign posters featured in this contest. While I was there, I read this particular comment by a poster using the name hillbilly4me:

Hillary 08

As a Hillary supporers.I also like John McCain.I watch,saw,heard of all the media and Obama did to Hillary and her supporters.I will never throw my vote to Obama.I will vote McCain in November.I will not let Obama ~The democratic Party(Who stole the will of the people,Not just in Florida and Michigan but all other states with thier planned election to trash-kick-bit-slap-push- MSMBC does not control my vote.The democratic Party does not control my vote.I own my vote! And the two choices I have is Hillary and John McCain,


That post seemed to be representative of many of the other comments I read there. And I just kept thinking, this can't be real, can it? The whole thing just has to be a joke.

Isn't it?
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