Friday, July 18, 2008

This Week's Answers? Sweeeeet!

You folks did pretty well with the syrup and the saccharine this week, though I'm a bit surprised that no one who left a comment here recognized the Talking Heads song. Those usually get guessed pretty quickly (George, robo, Rey, I'm looking at you). The mighty Eric B got that one -- also the Bonus line, and big props to him for that -- but even he missed #1 and #3. What, no Taj Mahal fans out there? No English Beat fans?

As for the gimmes, to my way of thinking, they don't get much gimme-er than the Beatles and the Stones, but what the hell do I know? And didn't everyone learn Incense And Peppermints in kindergarten? *sigh* What's wrong with kids in America today? Sha-la-la.

Anyway, you'll probably recognize the few lines you missed once I post the key... which I'm about to do... wait for it, it's coming... soon... right... about... now!

1. I had the blues so bad one time it put my face in a permanent frown, you know I’m feelin’ so much better... Cakewalk Into Town; Taj Mahal

2. Oh, oh, she’s my neighbor. Fill my cup, I’ll bet you baby she could fill it up. Sugar On My Tongue; Talking Heads

3. This world is upside-down, the rights and wrongs don’t get much wronger. Sugar And Stress; English Beat

4. Creme tangerine and Montélimar; a ginger sling with a pineapple heart... Savoy Truffle; The Beatles

5. Gold Coast slave ship bound for cotton fields, sold in the market down in New Orleans... Brown Sugar; Rolling Stones

6. Hello, my love, I heard a kiss from you, red magic satin playing near, too. Strawberry Letter 23; Brothers Johnson (Also acceptable: Shuggie Otis) (…And why isn’t it 22, or some other number? Where’s Strawberry Letter 17 or 12 or 4?)

7. Good sense, innocence, cripplin’ and kind, dead kings, many things I can’t define. Incense And Peppermints; Strawberry Alarm Clock

8. Don’t tell your right hand, baby, what your left hand do, you know those road check girls will make your brown breath blue. Peaches And Cream; Beck

9. I sat there looking ugly, looking ugly and mean. I knew what you were saying, you were saying to me... Me In Honey; R.E.M.

10. It’s a rainy afternoon in 1990. The big city... geez, it’s been twenty years... Candy; Iggy Pop & Kate Pierson

**Bonus** You want to know why I lost you, you want to know what’s wrong with you... Let’s Talk About Girls; The Chocolate Watchband

More meat and potatoes next week.
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