Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fucked And Disgusting

So, just as many of us suspected (but hoped against hope that it wouldn't happen), the Senate has caved to the corrupt and criminal Bush administration once again and passed the FISA bill granting immunity to telecoms that spied on Americans under White House orders. This is nothing more than blatant bribery, as over the past few months while this bill was being debated, those same telecoms sent giant wads of cash to Congress in return for their legislating away the Fourth Amendment and printing up Get Out of Jail Free cards for all those involved. Among those voting for this abomination were The Democratic Senator Who Would Be President (thanks, Barack, way to give up our rights and hand the damn Republicans another campaign tool with which to cudgel you) and our own California Senator Feinstein Useless. It's one thing for Republicans to march in lockstep and support this crap -- they're all corrupt and beyond redemption anyway -- but when the Democrats capitulate to the Littlest Tyrant of Them All, they just give more ammunition to those who would accuse them of being spineless and wishy-washy and all the other epithets that get thrown their way by Fox News pundits and their ilk. The people were on the side of Senators Feingold and Dodd and the rest of the Congressmen and -women who still have a modicum of ethics and opposed this bill. Senator Obama, and the other Democratic Senators who voted for this bill (not to mention Speaker Pelosi and her complicit compatriots in the House), would have had the full support of the people if they had done the right thing and stood firm in opposition. But I guess money speaks louder than constituent phone calls and emails and petitions. Thanks. Thanks for once again giving your unconditional support to the Court of the Imperial Presidency.

This whole affair is absolute, complete and total bullshit, and by that I mean piles and piles of fetid, steaming fecal matter excreted from the anus of a large adult male bovine. The one chance we have now -- and it's not one that I personally am holding out much hope of having any effect -- is that the ACLU plans to immediately challenge the constitutionality of this bill as soon as Preznit Wiretap signs it. Good fucking luck.
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