Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IOKIYAR (Isn't It Always?)

Simpering, Bush-ass-kissing lickspittle US Attorney General Michael Mukasey says he will not prosecute any former Department of Justice personnel (read: Monica Goodling and Alberto Gonzales) who violated the law by hiring prosecutors, immigration judges and other career government lawyers based on their political allegiances. Mukasey went so far as to tell the American Bar Association that "not every wrong, or even every violation of the law, is a crime."

Well, of course not. I mean, if that were the case, the entire Bush administration would have all been behind bars years ago. You see, it's only a crime when Democrats do it, obviously. Republicans are physically and morally incapable of committing crimes, even when they violate the law. Jesus said so, and you can look it up.

God, I hate these fucking people.

**UPDATE** Check out this post from The least dangerous branch on the subject.
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