Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dog-Wagging 101

Not to be too cynical or anything, but it appears that the White House may have found a way to take the focus off the still-unfolding fired U.S. attorneys scandal, and perhaps some of the heat off little Ass-High To A Chicken Gonzales -- whose "Homina homina homina" explanation Monday of his role in the scandal fooled pretty much no one -- simply by edging this country (and the world) ever closer to WWIII. Reports of U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf flexing their military muscle and going on maneuvers that include 15 ships and more than a hundred planes have got to be making the Iranians nervous, as many folks back here have predicted that April would be the start of any Iran offensive, should there be one. Want to bet what the front page stories will be for the next few days? Here's a hint: They probably won't include anything about Karl Rove, Harriet Myers or even Monica Goodling taking the Fifth.

My, how convenient for this most-politicized and ideologically-driven administration, when all the news out of Washington has been so negative for them lately. Maybe Preznit Heckuva Job will even get to suspend the Constitution if the situation becomes a rapidly-escalating military crisis. That is, if he's finished wiping his ass with it yet.
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