Friday, February 08, 2008

Can't Be The Answer

Much better showing this week by you regular participants. My faith in rock and roll is somewhat restored. As you guessed, the theme was- no, no I can't reveal it! I just can't!

Umm... never mind. Here are the answers (I can reveal those, apparently).

1. Do you remember anyone here? No, you don't remember anything at all. Memories Can't Wait; Talking Heads

2. You've been told, so maybe it's time that you learned. You've been sold, maybe it's time that you earned. I Can't Stand It; Eric Clapton

3. The way things go you get so low, struggle to find your skin. Can't Stand It; Wilco

4. It's hard bein' a man, livin' in a garbage pail. My landlady called me up, she tried to hit me with a mop. I Can't Stand It; Velvet Underground

5. Come down off your throne and leave your body alone; somebody must change. Can't Find My Way Home; Blind Faith

6. I can turn the grayest sky blue; I can make it rain, whenever I want it to. Can't Get Next To You; Temptations (also very ably covered by Al Green and a few others, including the *ahem* Rolling Stones)

7. Yeah, you got satin shoes, yeah, you got plastic boots, y'all got cocaine eyes, yeah, you got speed-freak jive. Can't You Hear Me Knockin'; Rolling Stones (who?)

8. Gonna take a freight train down at the station, lord, I don' t care where it goes. Can't You See; Marshall Tucker Band (a very good song in its own right, though I prefer the version by the late, great Waylon Jennings)

9. I've called you so many times today and I guess it's all true what your girlfriends say. Can't Stand Losing You; The Police

10. Give me a story and give me a bed, give me possessions, oh, love, luck and money they go to my head like wildfire... Can't Be Sure; The Sundays

**Bonus** Well, I don't mind workin', 'cause I used to be jerkin' off most of my time in the bars. I Can't Wait To Get Off Work; Tom Waits

Another attempt to stump you smart fellers will show up in this space Tuesday, as dog is my witness.
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