Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday, Mostly Ordinary Wednesday

Let's briefly sum up here, shall we?

On the Democratic side, Clinton and Obama are essentially in a dead heat, a virtual tie for delegates, and nothing is delivered. You'd have to say that Obama is surging, and I believe he has a bit more money to spend between now and the end of the nominating process, but Clinton is by no means out of it. Winning the big states last night, California and Massachussetts and New York (among others), will keep her in the race until the end.

On the GOP side, Rush's anti-BFF McCain came out the big winner, even though many conservatives can't stand him. Mittens won a few, but may decide as early as today that he's throwing money down a rathole and is better off "spending time with his family." And try as they might, they still haven't been able to shut the Huck up. He came on surprisingly strong last night, though how his Baptist schtick will play outside of the South is anyone's guess. (Here's mine: It won't.)

What I find surprising is how much each one of the Repub candidates are disliked by certain segments of their own party. Limbaugh and Coulter and their pals can't stand McCain or Huckabee, and the word is that nobody really likes Romney -- and he may drop out very soon anyway. So who are they going to rally behind when the whistle blows?

Of course, Hillary Clinton obviously carries a lot of negatives as well (especially from those same right-wingers), and whle Obama is generating a certain amount of excitement in many quarters, he's still a man of color running for the highest office in the land where virulent racism is alive and well. So it's all still up in the air.

Have I got that about right?
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