Thursday, February 07, 2008

We've Lost Our Mittens

No big surprise here; as expected, Mittens Romney has decided to hold off on his presidential ambitions this go-round, saying he's "suspending" his campaign for the time being. Apparently that's not as bad as simply dropping out, though in essence it amounts to the same thing. By "suspending" he gets to hang on to the delegates he's accrued so far, and can still accept contributions to pay off some of that campaign debt.

Looks like the road is free and clear for Angry Man McCain to piss off the Limbaugh-Coulter-Hannity crowd in the GOP and take the nomination now. Mike Huckabee doesn't stand a hope in hell of overcoming the Angry Man's lead. So how does this affect the Dems? If it's McCain vs. Clinton, I think McCain stands a better than even chance of getting elected. If Obama is the candidate, I think he beats McCain handily.

Still very much up in the air...
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