Thursday, February 21, 2008

Drinks On The Helmet!

Hey, who's thirsty? I know I am...

Just in case some of you are wondering when the next BARBARian beer bash is scheduled, wonder no more. Saturday afternoon, March 1st, we will be occupying the back tables at Zeitgeist -- located on Valencia and Duboce Streets in San Francisco -- for the better part of the day and probably on into the evening. Come on out for some conversation, beer, political talk, beer, conviviality, beer and possibly a Manhattan or two. Look for the horned helmet and the pajama-wearing, mother's-basement-dwelling, America-hating fucking liberal bloggers. That will be us.

As always, all Bay Area bloggers and readers are welcome, but -- fair warning here -- if you live on the right side of the dial, you may not be as comfortable among us as you might like. I mean, I'm just sayin'.

(Cross-posted at The BARBARian Blog.)
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