Friday, March 28, 2008

Dave's Not Here, But The Answers Are

Pretty tough week for those of you not named Eric B (who once again sent in his answers privately and got six and a half lines right -- he correctly identified the song in #4, but got the artist wrong, thus screwing up the theme). Also a tough week if you weren't named Dave or David, I suppose, as that was this week's theme. And once again, I'm completely oblivious to how easy or difficult these things are going to be from week to week. The ones that I think are easy end up stumping everyone, and the ones I think are hard all get guessed within an hour of being posted. In any event, here is the key so that you can finally get some sleep (as I know all of you have been tossing and turning night after night, wondering what the answers might be).

1. Well she's a tongue-twisting storm, she'll come to the show tonight praying to the light machine. Hang On To Yourself; David Bowie

2. Little girls go float upstream, some of them never coming back. We are powerless to stop them... Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your World; David Byrne

3. This empty road and this lonely town, no one's up when the sun goes down. Blue Blvd.; Dave Alvin

4. Got out really early from the factory, driving like a nut in the rain. Crawling From The Wreckage; Dave Edmunds

5. Don't you ever be sad, lean on me when times get bad. Hold On, I’m Coming; Sam & Dave

6. You say that you love me (say you love me) all of the time (all the time)... Glad All Over; Dave Clark 5

7. He seeks and he hides, he lives and he dies, he saw it before we were dreaming. Headkeeper; Dave Mason

8. Started talking and the line went dead, never heard a single word you said. You’re The World To Me; David Gray

9. Last week my life had meaning, it was beautiful and so sweet. My Whole World Ended (The Moment You Left Me); David Ruffin

10. Well ain't the sun surely taking its time this morning, don't you know... Cool Metro; David Johansen

**Bonus** Remember that night... white sails in the moonlight, they walked it too... through empty playground, this ghost's town... On An Island; David Gilmour

Back next week with an easy one. ...Or not. Hell if I know.
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