Friday, March 21, 2008

Family Ties

Our good friend nashtbrutusandshort has an extremely disturbing post up today about why Hillary Clinton may not be pounding the "Wright is wrong" drum over the Obama flap quite as hard as some others out there right now. *coughFox Newscough* It seems that Hillary herself is asssociated with a religious group that may not be as savory as she'd like the public to think it is... but I don't have the time to delineate the whole story right now. Follow the link to nash's site, then follow the links he's posted and tell me you're not just a little more worried than you were before you read that.

All of this -- from the Obama/Wright kerfuffle to John McCain and his BFF John Hagee to Hillary and The Family -- simply points out to me that there needs to be a big, bright line separating church and state, and that religion and politics do not -- and should not -- mix. Good luck convincing millions of Americans of that, however.
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