Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Day Before Monday Random Flickr Blogging

Outtakes from The Wizard Of Oz revealed that there were certain parts of the Emerald City that even the Tin Man and Scarecrow didn't want to wander in alone.
o/` We're gonna River-iver-iverdance 'til we just can't Riverdance no more... o/`
Because. Damn it.
Touch Me Inappropriately Elmo did not test well with most parent audiences... and the few who did approve were later targeted for increased surveillance by Social Services.
"Arrrr... the head's the best!" (Only fans of S. Clay Wilson's work in Zap Comix will get that, and count yourself lucky if you don't.)
Outtakes from the televised Katie Couric colonoscopy left out some of the larger, more problematic polyps... not to mention the lost National Geographic Channel narrator they found wandering in her alimentary canal.

(Original images, #2095, posted here, here, here, here, here and here. Everything you ever wanted to know about Random Flickr Blogging but were afraid to ask Tom Hilton posted here.)
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