Friday, March 14, 2008

These Answers Will Not Be Televised

Not so easy getting over on you lot, especially when you have Encyclopedia Eric B in your ranks. Still, somehow two lines escaped identification this week, though the theme, Songs Fred Has Never Heard Of Television, was sussed out pretty quickly. Funny thing, though, one of the songs left unguessed was by... Television.

Here, then, is the key:

1. What I was, I want now, and it's a whole lot more anyhow, I wanna fly, fly a fountain, I wanna jump jump jump, jump a mountain. Marquee Moon; Television

2. I'm looking and I'm dreaming for the first time, I'm inside and I'm outside at the same time. Television Man; Talking Heads

3. Satellite's gone up to the skies. Things like that drive me out of my mind. Satellite Of Love; Lou Reed

4. Hot milk, hmmm, tweak my nipple. Champagne and Ripple... Hollywood Freaks; Beck

5. I bought a bourgeois house in the Hollywood hills with a trunkload of hundred thousand dollar bills. 57 Channels (And Nothing On); Bruce Springsteen

6. You, in your Lark, you're a mark, you're a screamer... I Got The News; Steely Dan

7. Don't want to work in a building downtown, no I don't want to work in a building downtown... (Antichrist Television Blues); Arcade Fire

8. Girlfriend, what are you doing, you're driving me to ruin, that love that you've been stealing has given me a feeling... Feel; Big Star

9. Oh oh oh oh oh... up every evening 'bout half eight or nine, I give my complete attention to a very good friend of mine... TVC 15; David Bowie

10. Lord, see that cat, yeah, I do mean you, see that cat, yeah, I do mean you. TV Eye; Iggy & the Stooges

**Bonus** When I'm at the Pearly Gates, this'll be on my... Videotape; Radiohead

I’ll see if I can’t stump a few more of you next Tuesday.
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