Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Whose Opening Line Is It, Anyway: Taking On The Big Guy

Easy one this week (aren't they all?). I expect most of these will be guessed pretty quickly, and the theme will be fairly obvious. Heck, there's even a repeat in here for those of you clever enough to find it.

1. Well she's a tongue-twisting storm, she'll come to the show tonight praying to the light machine.
2. Little girls go float upstream, some of them never coming back. We are powerless to stop them...
3. This empty road and this lonely town, no one's up when the sun goes down.
4. Got out really early from the factory, driving like a nut in the rain.
5. Don't you ever be sad, lean on me when times get bad.
6. You say that you love me (say you love me) all of the time (all the time)...
7. He seeks and he hides, he lives and he dies, he saw it before we were dreaming.
8. Started talking and the line went dead, never heard a single word you said.
9. Last week my life had meaning, it was beautiful and so sweet.
10. Well ain't the sun surely taking its time this morning, don't you know...

**Bonus** Remember that night... white sails in the moonlight, they walked it too... through empty playground, this ghost's town...

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