Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Generik Has Two Moms

Taking a brief break from my hiatus to post something that has made me very happy recently. A week ago today, my mother, Peggy, got married to her partner of 25 years, Dolores. It was a very simple ceremony at the county courthouse, with just myself and my niece as witnesses; later we had a very nice dinner in a private room at a restaurant not far from their house with a few more family members.

All day my mother kept saying how happy she was, and the whole time I was there both of them were practically giddy about the whole thing. During the ceremony Dolores was crying so much she could hardly repeat her vows. The justice who performed the ceremony, a lovely woman named Diane Martinez, was so moved that she began crying as well. My mother's face was streaked with tears when she said "I do," and her smile couldn't have been bigger. After the ceremony, Dolores read a few words that she written about what their relationship has meant to her over the years, and how happy she was at being able to marry Peggy and make that lifelong commitment a solid legal one.

When I gave the toast later, I said that we were not only celebrating a wedding, but also a silver anniversary. I'm extremely thankful that we're finally living in a world where two committed people who love each other very much are able to make that commitment legal. That simple ceremony meant so much to Peggy and Dolores; unless you've experienced something similar, I don't know if anyone can really understand what a difference it made.

So I just want to say how happy I am for them. I love my two moms very much, and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of that wedding.
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