Saturday, November 03, 2007

The Names Have Been Changed to Implicate The Guilty

Okay, Tom Hilton, founder of If I Ran The Zoo, whom I consider a good friend and blogging colleague, is asking for a link to Your Best Post Ever, and so I'm looking through my archives right now. (With little hope, I might add, because, egalitarian site that this is, all my posts are my best posts -- want to read my best post? Read my last post.) But, be that as it may, I ran across this particular little piece from a couple years back that, allowing for one single name change, is perfectly relevant today. Scary and sad and depressing.

Still searching for that "Best Post" thing, though that's like trying to find the Hope Diamond in a mountain of fool's gold... or something equally mixed metaphorical and non-sequiturish.

One thing I am discovering is that I was a hell of a lot more prolific in the early days of this blog... and a much better writer. What happened?!?
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